supercritical extraction
by carbon dioxide

Supercritical Extraction Plant

All activities of the firm are related to supercritical extraction (SCE) by carbon dioxide.

Principles of CO₂ Extraction (SCE)

Extraction by supercritical carbon dioxide is an advanced separation process meeting the strictest ecological and hygienic requirements. Compressed gas passes in an extractor through a bed of extracted material. The gas laden with extract is then fed to a separator via an expansion valve. By reducing the pressure in the expansion valve the solvent power of carbon dioxide is also reduced and the extract precipitates in the separator. The gaseous extract-free carbon dioxide is then liquified in an condenser, compressed in an circulating pump, heated and fed back to the extractor. This completes the process that operates in a closed circuit consisting of intakecompression-extraction-expansion-condensation-intake. All process side parts are made of stainless steel.

Supercritical Extraction Plant Gallery

  • supercritical extraction plant - ilustration - 01

    Supercritical extraction plant - stairs

  • supercritical extraction plant - small unit

    Supercritical extraction plant - samall unit

  • supercritical extraction plant - detail

    Supercritical extraction plant - detail

  • supercritical extraction plant - construction

    Supercritical extraction plant - construction

Advantages of carbon dioxide SCE

  • gentle procesing of thermally labile substances
  • no harmful residues of toxic solvents in the extract
  • no ecologically harmful waste
  • carbon dioxide is non-flamable,inexpensive,physiologically safe

Supercritical Extraction Plant -
Application of supercritical extraction

Food industry

  • hop extracts
  • decaffeination of coffee
  • extraction of vegetable and animal fats and oils
  • extraction of aromas and esences
  • extraction of natural vitamines

Cosmetic industry

  • oils and extracts from blossoms, leaves and roots

Chemical industry

  • regeneration of catalysts and adsorbants
  • extraction of organic compounds from aqeous solutions
  • cristallization of sensitive substances

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